Google Plus

I actually enjoy posting to google plus. For businesses it is a good business way to post content. Facebook media is for more personal reasons. Google plus is a way that we can focus more on improving our businesses. I enjoy it more than linkdn. Google plus tends to rally same professions like dentistry together. It helps your business in many many ways by posting good relevant content.

Google plus

Facebook Posting

Facebook is a great source of content that people care about heavily. Whereas Tumblr is a place people go for any content they might like even a little. If you see something on Facebook it is not deeply tied to you. For this reason people love Facebook. Dentistry is the same. Whatever you post on facebook directly links to you as a dentist. A good example of a facebook page with great dental content is BDP facebook.


Tumblr Source of Original Dental Content

Dental content is easy to find and dentists love content. Dentists don’t like to find their own content. For that reason Tumblr is the new way of getting content that people enjoy. I know that because it gets passed and reblogged very easily there. For example, many dentists follow Tooth Obsession Tumblr Blog. It is a place with a lot of content specific to the dental profession. I recommend going to this blog and following them for more original media about the dental profession. You will find gif’s, pic’s, videos, and more.

Something I posted on my YouTube Channel and Tumblr: